Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks

WARNING: This book contains materials that will pull apart your heartstrings and make lay in bed crying hysterically at three in the morning. But other than that, it’s a great read!

Safe Haven is one of Nicholas Sparks many, many,…. many romance novels (sidenote: does Nicholas Sparks even write books that aren’t romance?)  It follows the story a women named Katie (spoiler: Is her name even Katie?!) who moves to a tiny town in North Carolina (where several of Spark’s books take place). Katie has a dark secret and tends to stay away from people so that her secret remains to her. Then she meets Jo, her neighbor, and spends lots of time drinking coffee and wine (separately of course). Jo leads Katie to Alex. A single dad who’s very sweet and kind.

Katie starts falling in love more and more with Alex and lets down her guard. Just when she thinks she’s safe-BAM!- her secret resurfaces. It not only threatens the love of Katie and Alex, but also their lives!

This book is honestly one of my favorites of this author. It holds elements of mystery, thriller, suspense, and ROMANCE (duh). There are parts in this book that I thought were absolutely fabulous. And then you have the classic Sparks’ predictable moments. This book has a Maddie Rate (see what I did there?) of 8.5/10

I encourage all of my readers to read this book. It’s a movie too (Books are always better). I hope you enjoy. Happy Readings!


P.s. y’all check out some of Melanie Martinez’s music! I’ve been listening to it while I do my hw for months. (Mad Hatter is my fav)


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