Suicide Squad

As promised, I am uploading some blog posts this weekend. So let’s get to it!

I literally went to see this movie like three times in the theatres. I had been so ready to see this movie since I had even heard of rumors of its filming. So when it was coming out on DVD, I had it preordered. After seeing this movie this weekend (for the second time since I purchased the movie), I am determined to review it for you.

First things first, I love Jared Leto as Joker. I find his take on the Joker creepy and different from Ledger’s Joker. And that a great thing to me because you can’t have the same Joker in every DIFFERENT movie. So if you have a problem with my Jared, you can exit the building because this is my blog and Jared is staying. *shrugs lightened shoulders and hugs imaginary Jared*

Ok, so the characters were honestly what made the movie amazing in my opinion. Deadshot was my favorite (second favorite because Joker is my number one favorite). Harley was good too. I wish that they had more scenes with Joker and the squad, yes, but I think that the movie overall was fantastic. I will definitely being seeing this sequel.

Another thing that I LOVED about his film is Joker and Harley’s relationship. In the comics, tv shows, you name it; Joker and Harley have an abusive relationship. That being that he manipulates her and leaves her to die. Although there are some scenes in the movie (and deleted scenes) showing an abusive side to the relationship, I firmly believe that DC is taking a turn on the relationship with the movies. My evidence being that they went back shot a lot more scene to replace and cut scene involving abusive between the two. This makes it easy for me to transition into my next topic pertaining Suicide Squad.

I want to  address some of the rumors about the next movie. In the scene with Joker surrounded with knives, there are three baby outfits. And what Harley Quinn wants most in the world (according to Enchantress) in a life with Joker which included marriage and children. People seem to believe that due to these reasons, Joker and Harley Quinn have a baby. I think that there is an actual possibility of a Baby Joker, but that’s just my take on the “evidence”.

I hope when they add new recruits to the Suicide Squad (replacing Harley Quinn, El Diablo, and Slipknot), they add some more humor to the plot line.Like adding a rival of either Boomerang or Deadshot. I think with will fill the hole of Harley seeing that she has her own spin-off movie in production.

Lastly, I encourage all viewers to go watch the movie, but keep in mind that there is foul language. Probably not suitable for small children. I give this movie a 9.8/ 10. It’s honestly become my ultimate favorite movie. Enjoy!



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